Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

My Mariette

by Henry Lee

My Mariette your white teeth shine like
Fresh dew-soaked moon-drops, and your eyes
Sparkle darkly like two swooping blackbirds
Feathers ruffled in gentle rebuke to the summer rain
And your laughter where it reaches me
Reclining underneath that old oak tree
Sounds more vital than the bubbling of the
Overflowing brook, down by the meadow
Where we, laughing for wont of care
Embraced as only young lovers can
Entwined in your arms, whose touch was soft
As heather, whilst your cherry lips whispered
A promise of mattresses simply perfect
For dreaming into on a fresh, warm summers’ night
as the fair May weather effervesces subtly
Upon my senses, and the nightingales’ song regales
Both day and night though you wouldn’t believe
Through the finest of the seasons as the days go by
And the years in passing wave friendly hands
Un-altered and un-disturbed, throughout all our perfect lives

Added: 29.04.2010