Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

A Question Of Colour

by Mark Kirby

Each day has a night,
a chess board spilling its
opposing pieces onto a vacant table,
so only facades would enable
eyes to divide.
Blindness to difference,
would reflect the standing of all,
but truth be known,
many is the mind that searches
for fault lines in the universal,
searching to classify and stratify.
pointless death from ignorance and fear,
spanning the eon of ages,
when Zebra’s stripes could not be bleached,
or Dalmatian’s spots erased.
Freedom has suffocated emancipation,
as race and nation battle blood,
to be ghosts in white sheets,
haunting King’s and Ghandi’s on streets.

An empty page,
filling with inked impressions,
is all that testifies
to history’s CRIMES
and achievements.
Does the tears in a man’s eyes,
change equalities destiny,
or lessen the footprint of progress?
Those are HUGE shoes to fill,
and time is running to stand still.
Dare you look the night in the eye,
when the ‘new’ day forgets the old?

Added: 29.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


A bit free in style for me, but intense and conveying a message.


I liked this - thank you


There was some misuse and misplacing of commas and apostrophes which let the poem down. I found the tone a little preachy.