Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The cycle of life

by Anjali Kirpalani

"I hate you,"
She stormed out of the room.
Her mother looked on, eyes brimming with tears,
How time has passed-days, months, years...

She remembered those tiny fingers tugging at her blouse,
She had smiled adoringly, “My little mouse,
You will be the center of my universe, for better or for worse."
She winced; she had worshipped him and what had he given her in return?
Nothing, she thought bitterly;  nothing, except for my little angel.

"I couldn't make my marriage work, but I will be the best mother on earth.
You are my present and your future will be bright,
This promise I make to you tonight,
The night of your birth..."

She was jolted out of her reverie by another memory,
She went back in time to another night a long time ago,
"I will marry him, I will say 'I do'; you can't stop me, I hate you,"
She had stormed out of the room,
She lay guiltily on her bed; she did not go to mom and apologize,
Yet she couldn't forget the unmistakable pain in her mother's eyes.
The next day mom had smiled and sat her down to a huge breakfast.
Mom had forgotten about the previous night and so had she.

Life had carried on and she had got her way,
The day of her wedding had been her happiest day,
She drove off into her new life watching mom, in the distance, slowly fade away,
In her bliss, she hadn't noticed how hard her mother prayed for her happiness.

"She's perfect," mom had said the night her granddaughter was born,
"May she make you as happy as you've made me,
May God bless my baby and her baby with all the joys in the world."

How could I have forgotten about this, keeping it at the back of my
mind all these years?
"I'm sorry, Mom," she cried,
She looked up in to space, "It's too late now; you're dead,
My daughter is a reflection of me,
But I could never be a reflection of you,
I could never have a heart as big as yours.”

"I'm sorry, Mom,"
She thought it was an echo, but turned around to see her angel crying,
She hated seeing tears in her baby's eyes,
"Come here my darling, it's okay," she smiled,
"Are you sure you've forgiven me? " her baby asked,
"Of course I have! Now you must be hungry, you haven't eaten breakfast today."
And with that she sat her daughter down to a lavish meal.

Added: 29.04.2010