Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

It must all end tonight

by Aaron Enos

All the pain
All the anguish
All the emptiness of life
All the pride
All the envy
All these foul things of life
All these dark things of mine
They are guilt on my mind
They are debris in my soul
They make me dirty
I want them no more
So tonight
This midnight
I shall pack them in a black bin bag
I shall hang them heavy on my back like a cross
I shall make my way to the temple and say to the priest
Servant of the most high
These things I bring to God
I ask his son for a brand new life
I am by no means deserving of it
But I am in need of it
And If he be so kind to look upon me with mercy
This is my promise to him
All my days I will serve him
I must start packing for tonight
It must all end tonight

Added: 29.04.2010