Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Forbidden Passion

by Bronwyn Waller

Both lye in the night, split by the wall of sin
The waves of tension shatter every stone
The islands collide by the touch of a hand
Neither feel alone

His powerful protector slowly curves her back
She edges closer with synchronised breath
Unaware of dreams, they lock 'til dawn
Neither calm in their chest

Her hair meanders on their secret rock
He strokes the untamed from her smudged mask
Dives deep in her eyes; her oceans of struggle
Neither need to ask

Energy surge from the forbidden kiss
Both shocked by their electric touch
The fear of hurt repressed; no one else exists
Neither seek too much

She lingers, holding ajar his outlawed door
Conscious this invasion will be their last
Inhales the atmosphere of belonging
Neither dwell on what's passed

Added: 29.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Weird style, but effective.


Like the extended metaphor of the sea.


I very much enjoyed the archaic tone of this, with its echoes of Arnold and [perhaps] Donne... plus some more modern gaming atmosphere...