Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Unseen Injustice

by Emma Byrne

They say...
The apple never falls far
From the tree,
“Oh my” in this case,
Maybe it’s good to fall further,
Farther away from this seen injustice,
‘Cause maybe, the tree is harder than the ground,
Maybe it is better to be lost than found.
For how does the apple expect to survive
When the tree is using it to stay alive?
The trees roots run farther than suspected
And delve deep into the infected.
Through bitter tastes birth something sweet,
But merely for the tree to eat
For the tree bears fruit as such,
To grow for its own gain,
A flaw in natures trust,
To take
Again and again,
To leave behind a stem that is breaking,
And leave objection to the forsaken.
In this environment of earning their keep,
The apples have learnt to shelter the weak,
An admirable trade
When the rain starts to fall,
But a chilling mistake
when maggots inhabit your core.
For when you don’t expect compassion
Your inner substance ends up thinning
Lacking the will to take and progress-
An apple not fit for the rest of us.
A lesson to be learnt is this:
Exploitation is limited by the selfish,
For what is willingly exploited,
can be said to be emotionally assaulted.
A tree should not bear
What it cannot support...
...for all is well
In a workload divide
But you shouldn’t demand,
What you’re meant to provide.

Added: 29.04.2010