Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Intersection Shore and Shore

by Laura Halpin

Swirly whirly
cabbie clik clik boom time
Drive-thru Mackey-D's
Ice-cream cravin' time
Make it large, please, as large as large can go,
Sweet cream fast food
Finger handgun go time.
Sweet darlin' sweet
When yer husb'nd steals your dough
Tha's good ta smack 'im for
Just looking for excuses hey
Te smack him raight up straight,
Give 'im what for;  I do luve 'im though
An he luves me but just today
I'd kill im for bout nothin hon
He took mah dough hey, allovit –
's a good thing these here finger-mags
Ain't no real deal,
'wise i'd of shot im fulla lead
Right then 'n' there.
Good thing ah live mah shotgun
in mah trusty taxi trunk hare.
Whassat?  This street will do?  Sure.
Just don't go tyin' knots up tight
too fast now hon, y'hear?
Swirly whirly
Dizzy petrol fumes time
Time to kiss the ground time
Time to make some calls hey
Tell your loves you love them,
Organize their lives all
Around you and in slow time.
There's no too soon for rum hey,
get sober when you're sleeping, ey
can sleep when you get dead,
Live every tick of life time, it's
Smiling all the time time;
Let's get to loving Time, time.

Added: 30.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


loved this poem - great to read aloud - loved the voice - something different is always good in poetry - especially if it jolts you