Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Santa Monica, 6am

by Laura Halpin

There he sits on the bus like an atom too fast
Spinning round spinning round
and too fast and then smashed
And the splinters are stuck and they stick in his head
and he asks and he pleads and he begs to know when
to know when oh will I be called Stevie again
And then here in the room (now there's two in the room)
slides another voice whispering, sticky perfumed
will you when will you when
call me Stevie again
I might melt in the sun then you won't have a friend
oh but when will they all call you Stevie again?
there's a child in the lock
and the lock with no key
oh he swallowed it doctor he swallowed the key
(oh but when will they call me by Stevie again?)
it's so hot it's so hot out the window the sun
but I swallowed him up (call you Stevie again)
well the doctor's was closed call me Stevie again
I'll be home by four-thirty so hot in the sun
- and he wails - I just want I just want (it's so hot)
I just want them to call me by Stevie again
- and he croons for the child but the child oh is gone
and he asks for its mother but she oh she is gone -
Someday oh maybe she'll call me Stevie again
Someday oh maybe she'll call me Stevie again.

Added: 30.04.2010