Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

I Made This For You

by Laura Halpin

Have you tasted this? 
She asked
Cracking peppercorns under a flat-bladed knife
With a meat-mallet;
Trap them, crack them, crush them.
Have you tasted the trail of fish juice
pungent, poached in milk, and luscious;
Never will this fish return to the age-crusty deep,
One more fishhook a rusty sigh of survival.
There is cinnamon in her lungs,
Treacle on her tongue.
Clove powder a perfume the midnight
air strains for,
Heaped shavings of chocolate clotting and melting,
The acid of oranges drawing saliva and stinging her eyes.
She cracks eggs in her hands and stands, triumphant,
abortion of yellow goop in her sleeve.
Have you tasted this?
Hair coke-white flour dusted.

Added: 30.04.2010