Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Dear M,

by victoria celeste

I wanted to tell you the truth.
It was not in those read lines
of printed Arial, Times New Roman, Comic Sans or even Lucinda Handwriting.
Words lying on paper or a screen
are just characters
with space in between.
No matter how eloquent some lines were sent,
or how clumsy and broken
Some words fell,
they all surrendered to you.
Under your rules
they lived or died.
When they lived, they pleased you.
You rolled them over
and over, in your mind.
They left you wishing, wanting and waiting.
When they died you threw them back
and denied,
there ever was
even one
that made your heart cry.
No matter how many words were bleed
the masterpiece remained pure instead.
No matter how big, bold, underlined
or colorful the text,
my love was never defined
in those lines.
Under your contradictory
I finally surrender without victory.
Truth having been delivered and destined,
can not be deleted,
cut, or pasted,
nor can it be forwarded or
carbon copied.
It remains without words, without rules, without margins,
and even
without approval.
The proof of its existence can not be denied
In my heart
Or the red in my eyes.

Added: 30.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Despite believing there's a spelling error (I read 'bled' for 'Bleed' ??), this is excellent: Common ground; experiencial; eloquent; strong.


I don't entirely understand this one but the bits I do get I like.