Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Oxford Cat

by Collette Caffrey

Ginger was a cat
Confused that he might be -
Black and called sooty full of mystery,
Prowling the streets of Oxford
Thinking mystery was black and
Exceptionally noble on an Oxford don’s back.
Naïve and not well camouflaged
He sneaked in college doors
And frightened late night scholars
With his muddy paws.
He purred for those who fondled him,
He dug up college lawns
He chewed dons hats and tickled tassels
He read Shakespeare and Shelley.
He walked into the Randolph
And said his name was Morse!
He quizzed a pretty lady who was simply watching telly.
His toffee tail was groomed
His ginger face a charm,
A smugger cat I had not seen in all my life,
He was a scream.

Added: 30.04.2010