Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Seventeenth Commandment

by Aaron Enos

Do not mess with your mind
Don’t even tempt him
Do not take him on a trip to the top of a high mountain
And say to him JUMP!
Leave your mind alone
That is where God lives
Do not sow seeds of addiction on your mind
Don’t even dare
Do not water it with Narcotics
And watch the Porn grow
They come to choke your plants of good judgement
They come to steal your piece of mind
Do no tease your mind at will
Don't call him dull and uninteresting
If you do you provoke his anger
And cause him to rebel against you
He will tip you over the edge
And show you who runs this place
Do not dare your mind into dark places
Do not read strange books
Do not meddle with things above you
Neither be desperate to be strange or weird
Open your eyes and see
That Man is weird enough
Do not fill your mind with envy
Do not crave the dark things of life
Why sell this peace that you have
Why exchange it for a life of guilt
Why make God unhappy
Because his home is covered in filth

Added: 30.04.2010