Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Terminator Traveller

by Gabrielle Lockwood

A traveller I once met,
Has a “Terminator” mind.
He sees the world in numbers,
And ponders on mankind.
On our last evening,
He asked me to reflect,
On which of man's creations,
Has no negative effect.
I thought of TV and numbed children,
Of cars and blackened skies,
Of technology and warfare,
And so of deaths without goodbyes.
“The answer's art,” he had to tell me,
As my taxi then arrived.
“Well music too,” I quickly added,
But of time to talk we were deprived.
One thousand conversations,
To be left unspoken.
And the question lingered in the air,
Of why this world's so broken.
So I picked up my bag,
And as I walked away,
I had to ask Mr Terminator,
“What number would you give today?”
“A seven”, he replied,
“It's been pretty fun.
Albeit you forced me to dance,
It's a good job I had that rum.”
“Hey, I also believe,” I called,
“From life you get out what you put in.
But surely you'll wear down your soul,
If you're always searching for the sin.
So if each situation has a number,
Make sure it's also got a colour.
That way in your rocking chair,
Memories of life will be much fuller.
And one last thing, before I leave,
Please give everyone a chance.
And whilst you're searching for the sense ... Please don't forget to dance!”

Added: 30.04.2010