Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Looking At You Looking At Me

by Gabrielle Lockwood

Looking at you looking at me,
Our lives worlds apart.
I'd like to talk to you,
But where do I start?
There's "hello" and "thanks",
But it's not enough.
There's buying and selling,
But no real stuff.
What are you thinking,
During our mutual stare?
Are you curious or resentful,
Or do you just not care?
Is your image of the West,
Formed by scruffy travellers like me?
Mixed with stories from friends,
And glimpses of us on TV?
I hand over the money,
And wonder what secrets you behold.
Do you still feel eighteen,
Or rather weary and old?
I search your eyes,
To try and read your soul.
If life is a play,
Then what is your role?
Through your coloured windows,
I detect strength and beauty,
Humbleness and resilience,
And such a sense of duty.
You look content and at peace,
With a life harder than mine,
So I think to myself,
Maybe ignorance is fine.
Still, people are complex,
Who am I to read your mind?
The key which unlocks a soul,
Is not always there to find.
So I smile at you,
As our eyes drift away,
And we return to our own worlds,
Where we both know what to say.

Added: 30.04.2010