Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Sixth Sense

by Linda Smith

I need to tell the world of our love, a love which is such fun.
We sense each other’s needs and without thought we act as one.
Our souls unite like magnets as together we are drawn
fate brought us together, old love renewed like the sun at dawn
I have a prime example of the waves that we emit
internal radar picks up every thought that we submit
He is there and I am here yet miles just cannot part
a couple as close as he and I.  Now to tell you I must start.
I was standing at the kitchen sink the dishes for to clean.
Dinner was cooking on the hob the meat in oven, lean
Any minute he was due, from work to home he’d drive
With all my senses on alert I’d know when he’d arrive
Hark!  The squeaking of a door!  My breathing quickly paced
I heard his breath from quite close by, prepared for blood which raced
The goosebumps raised upon me, my skin was aglow with heat
I waited, eyes closed, baited breath for his touch so soft and sweet
I felt my dress move up my leg just slightly in a tease
The dampness as he kissed my thigh material it did ease
I couldn’t stand it anymore felt stuck as if in a bog
So I turned to receive his full embrace ………………….
He wasn’t there!  ‘Twas the bloody dog!

Added: 30.04.2010

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