Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Letter

by gemma fisher

The slightest of touches
And the eggshell will crumble
Empty and hollow
I can't let myself tumble

There on the mat sits a letter unopened
You have inked in my name.
The swirls, the curls, the crosses and tails
Now do tell me, what is your game?

I'm out on the ledge
But I'm scared of heights
I've gone the wrong way
My head feels so light

I can't open the letter
I'm scared of what's in it
What words you have penned
What emotions will fill me

I have lost my clothes
My body is exposed
Goosebumps flick up
Like sharp little knives

I tear open the envelope
Pull out the letter
I unfold the paper
And stare right at it

The eagle squawks in the distance
The end of the ledge is near
I look ahead, just the ocean to cross
The moon shines a light on the path

Two little words
Stand so tall
'Call me' you plead
Before you're scrunched in a ball

I dive into the water without hesitation
My body bonds with the sea
I swim and embrace the ocean
The beauty, the calmness, it's all so serene


Added: 30.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


I wonder if this is actually two poems blended together?