Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Don't Judge Shylock

by Aaron Enos

Don’t Judge Shylock
He’s not like you
Don’t call him Beast
He’s a man like you
He’s a beast most depraved and thirsty for your blood
Just like you are for his
So give him his pound of flesh
And add a pint of blood
Give it to him now
Give it without delay
Get your laws out of his way
He must have his justice today
And why must he not?
I’m asking you
Why the look of perplexity?
Don’t you recognize the reflection in the mirror?
Don’t you recognize you anymore?
You treat a man like a beast
Yet you expect from a beast the compassion of a man
You called him Dog
Yes! You being as righteous as you are
called him Dog
All of that you did, and you did more
You spat on him and called him Raca
Then you being the hypocrite that you are
You having no conscience
You came at night like Nicodemus
Like a scholar bereft of knowledge
You came under the cover of darkness
And you begged a dog for his money
You spent the dog’s money
But you cared not to pay the dog back
So why should the dog not bark?
Why should a pound of your righteous flesh be spared?
What makes you the thing too sacred to be devoured?
Oh! Your scales and balances are uneven
They are an abomination unto the Lord
You judge Shylock unfairly
But I guess you are the Judge

Added: 30.04.2010