Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Belly Flopped

by Lora Elizabeth Johnson

Sometimes I think I’m all talk,
And I’ve lost who I am,
Others. . .
I am small talk,
And I sink, . . where I swam,
I’m a big fish,
And I’ve belly flopped,
Pandora’s waiting . . .
And the pennies dropped,
I talk too much . . . it’s stated,
Best intentions,
Are belated, I’m underpaid,
I’m over rated, Only in fashion,
Coz I’m out dated!!
Think I’m fucked up,
Think I’m screwed,
I’m told this often . . . I’m sure it’s true,
Though I contradict, myself,
At every opportunity,
I change my page,
At every turn,
Self loathing . . . self evident,
Self pity . . . well a consequence,
I need to run,
And scream,
And shout,
I need to dream,
And blessings count,
If things were different,
Well that’s just life,
Felling indifferent,
Well that takes time,
See . . . I talk too much,
It’s stated, Best intentions,
Are belated, Underpaid and overrated,
Though I love to be different,
I love, to be outdated, I love to be strange and overrated! 
And one mans rubbish,
Is another’s gold,
So let’s look for a new, Let’s out with the old!!

Added: 30.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Great rhythm.