Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

To betray; To be betrayed…

by Antonia Kirby

To betray;
To be betrayed…
To slay;
To be slain…
Stake to the heart,
Shovel to the root,
Never love claiming
For fear of further hurt.
Tears of ice and silt,
Words of fire and salt.
Lies coming from mouth
Fed From lies in veins,
Protecting the secret
Shame too great to hide;
Assuming all are on your side.
So sweet, so caring,
So sick, so hurting;
Devious and sly
Like a fox prowling,
Takes what belongs
in their neighbours tin.
Claws in, here we go!
another ride where you play hero;
swish your hair, that’s right,
no one will know will they?
“Ever so sweet”, “they would never” -
Wouldn’t they? Is judgement skewed?
Look through new eyes
See the truth before façade.
For once instincts got it wrong.
Protection turned to sting,
Promise turned to damage,
Sting to poison,
Damage to broken.
Scream heart, cry out!
they had me fooled too.
20th October 2010

Added: 14.12.2010