Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

A promise of Love

by Mikael Levan

If I was the wind, I would kiss you each night
and whisper sweet words in your ear.
If you were the earth would you then guide my flight
open your roads,
so that I may come near?

If I was the sun, my each waking day
I would spray you with warmth and with light.
But were you the moon, would you chase me away
or let me shine on you
even at night?

If you were a tree and I was the August rain,
I would search through the forests, every thick, every thin.
When I finally find you, you shall take all my pain
as I cry you a river
and lay down therein

And your roots will be moist and your leafs they will shiver.
Let the sun touch your branches, let the wind shake your crown.
Drink all of me, drink all of this river.
Sweet sap flow within you
and deep within you, is where I shall drown.

Added: 19.12.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


I like 'sweet sap flow within you', I think this is a heartfelt poem and made me think of the Song of Soloman in the Bible


Pretty big cheese factor, and the extension of the last metaphor throws off the balance of the poem - better without the last stanza.