Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

You are amazing ....


You are amazing . . . . 

In times of trouble
In times of despair
In times of loss
In times little care
In times of no money    
In times of no home
In times of lost family
In times feeling unknown
In times of cold
In times of rain
In times of snow
In times frozen again
In times of poor health
In times of staying in bed
In times of no life
In times of pure dread
Someone is out there
Someone who knows
Someone who cares
Someone who shows
This someone is close
So close you can feel
So able to help
So able so real
So able to awaken
So able to fight
So able to change
So able is this light
This person is strong
This person so grew
This person is amazing
This person is you
You are amazing
So matter do you
Strengths are so many
You are amazing, and it's true

Added: 31.12.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


The idea behind this poem is lovely, as is it's simplicity. However, it does need more development.


This seems rather spiritual. It's like it's written as worship to God.