Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Perfect Conversation

by Greg Hamlin

Our sex is like the perfect conversation
with touch, breathe and climaxes as punctuation,
Pull up a pillow
lets lay down and talk,
roll around in each others words
With this linen as our support.

Our figures of speech breathe heavily
as I'm lost in your opening sentence,
All 4 of your lips speak a love language
and my 2 speak back fluently,
There's never a moment of awkward silence
in this conversation between you and me.

We speak deeply, we speak lightly
We speak fast, we speak slow,
We've been speaking most of the night
and we'll still be speaking tomorrow.

I start to speak really, really fast to your waist
that’s when you start to swear,
both of our lungs fill to the brim
with the passion of the grammar in the air.

Our conversation tools tremble
as the topic we're now on peaks,
all my words come rushing out
at the centre of you they meet.

We're both lost for words now
but this silence is bliss,
We've both spoken so much
that now, for a time
there are no words left.

We lay there still
and quiet we'll be,
fall asleep with the dreams
of you speaking to me.

By Greg Hamlin

Added: 03.01.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


An interesting idea but the metaphor was not used in a subtle way.