Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Seduction Bytes

by Michele Pithey

Words have become weapons of mass seduction
It’s a crying shame
As we go online to play the dating game.
But I know a friend who met the love her life, says one
She’s lucky she didn’t get it in the neck with a knife, said another
That would have been a nasty end, replied her friend.
But it’s not like that, no not at all.
Far more subtle, enough to make your skin crawl.
For seldom is anyone who they say they are
More often than not they’re nice from far.
This isn’t sour grapes or grumblings of rejection
I had my fair share of interest and erections.
Seriously though, lets be fair
Why would I ever want my man
to wear my underwear.
Then there was the gentle giant
Who was aggressively defiant,
And the silver haired fox
Who was simply a cock.
Don’t be so shocked.
Dating online is a whole new game,
Where every move you make
Lives on in Cyberspace
Sites are designed to let
Each person know,
Where you’ve been
And if it’s a go.
Matchmakers and mischief-makers of all kind.
They take your money and leave you to find
It’s more often than not a complete waste of time.

Added: 09.01.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


A great idea and a fantastic opening stanza but you don't keep up the rhyming couplets throughout. With a rework you could strengthen this.


Just missed my top 4.