Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Butterfly

by aditi mody

As a butterfly flutters its golden wings,
The world does most incredible things.
And as it is transforming, safe in its cocoon,
I too wish that my day not start so soon.
As I search for a clear sky with just a little dot,
I remember the boy I once loved, a white sheet with a spot.
A blot or blather or sprinkle of ink,
With his love splashed upon my walls and drained out in my sink.
And as my day is progressing, I cannot help but see,
That all the honey bees are working for but one queen bee.
And as they go on stealing from gentle flower’s petals,
There’s water at my uncle’s house that’s just boiled in the kettle.
And as I apply my daily mask,
The face that is painted on, oh! What a task.
And my reflection, it talks to me,
It tells me what I used to be.
And now the stars are like holes in the sky,
And they dance around me as if they were shy.
They glide between my fingers and take to the moon,
And the butterfly is still safe in its innocent cocoon

Added: 16.01.2011