Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Throne for love

by aditi mody

Throne for love
Feelings surfaced the top
Truth was at the brim
Frightened by the ugly insides of me
Was he as I let him in.
My life shed through discomfort
Intensity of love was free
No heed to my emotion
Just him in fear of me.           
My life is like a movie
And I have played my part           
My love is up for high steaks
And it will break apart.
His words, they did deceive me
Our perfect world, it tore
And as he fixed it back together
It felt apart some more.
And as we tried to fight it,
Tried our best to see the light
My love, it was exceeding his;
And this would always be the plight.
Now all the words have already been said
There is no reversing them in time,
And his thoughts of me are settling,
As they linger in his mind.
My future has been built
On him and his alone
And now I shall forsake him
For this love not need a throne.

Added: 16.01.2011

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