Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

A Poem For My Sister

by Geraldine Walsh-Whiteside

My sister is my friend
A friendship that will never end
She has been father and mother
And I would have no other!

A sister can be a blister
But in a good way
A sister gives you a vista
A perspective on your day

I love my big blister
Not something you may say?
But my big blister
Really does make my day

My sister is many a woman to all
She will always catch you when you fall
She will walk beside you and give you strength
She does not keep you at arms length!

A sister is not a blister
But an extension of your soul
She is a guide to your future
And helps you achieve your goal

Through the loves and the laughs
The detritus and the gaffs
She knows you beyond others
Even your blessed and beloved brothers!

My big sister
Is a demister
The family transistor
And you dare not resist her
I love my big sister

Added: 16.01.2011

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