Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Dreams (of love)

by Fiona Mills

We sat for a while where the grass is green,
The heat is plenty and the sun is mean.
Our skin is browning and our eyes are bright,
We could just sit here till the morning light
The birds are singing as the river flows,
We look at each other and our friendship grows
We might be lost and there’s no way home,
But rather your company than my own
You talk to me but no attention is paid,
I stare in your eyes as the sun starts to fade
You glance at ever darkening sky,
And say that it’s time to say goodbye
So we walk through the field side by side,
I know that in you I can confide
Without you my life would be a meaningless hole,
Just like my heart, my life you have stole
We find our way home by the light of your mind,
You take my hand to prove your manner of kind
You say to me goodnight and I said,
I love you but kept that within my head.

Added: 20.01.2011