Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Game

by Samuel Whiteside

The first two points you take with ease,
Thirty love, this is a breeze,
The next point passes in a flash,
Opponent takes it with a smash,
Then a dubious umpire’s call,
Suddenly it’s thirty all
Tension building, first serve out,
All clearly heard the line judges shout,
The second serve flies in with pace
Superb return, into the space
Now break point, you have to face
Great response, you serve an ace
At deuce you say “this point is mine”
And crack! A winner down the line!
Advantage yours, first serve in
Serve and volley takes the win
You’ve finally hit a purple patch,
The umpire calls “game, set and match!”

Added: 26.01.2011