Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Lawman

by Samuel Whiteside

Behind his desk in leather chair,
Crisp white shirt and combed back hair,
The lawyer sits all eyes and ears
To hear your worries and your fears
On bowing shelves from roof to floor
On every side from door to door
Case histories stand in mighty tomes
Tales of woe and broken homes
He’s highly skilled this man of law
With all this history on which to draw
He’ll ease you mind, and allay your fears
With precedent from previous years
He’ll smoothly put your mind at rest
A case like yours has stood the test
So when in court the judge does sit
He’s certain that he will acquit
The bill for this will be quite massive
He’ll Say to you, his face impassive
The cost seems high, you must agree
Though it leaves you poor, it leaves you free.

Added: 26.01.2011