Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by valerie baptiste

I knew a little girl
Was only 3 years old
I looked into her eyes entered into her soul
Saw Her
Crouched Stooped Crying tears unheard untold
My heart shattered My spirit recoiled
 At  -The evil one who some how innocence had despoiled
I raged within my world
Crying vengeance from my soul
Justice was not done
 For -There were no marks to be seen by anyone
Oh God of justice hear my cry
On behalf of this little child
You the mighty You the strong
Avenge her God for the wrong
Oh God of justice hear my cry
 So many live in silence
 So many die---
Die -Within their spirits within their hearts
 For so Many Justice did depart
Oh God of justice hear my cry
I ask- Not for mercy but vengeance at the door of those evil ones
Who abuse your daughters Your sons
O little one I tried to help
But could not
Forgive me I have forgotten you not
 I stand every day at heaven's door
 I cry Oh God of justice restore
Restore  Self Esteem
Restore Value
Restore Dreams
Dreams so that
The past does not negate the possibilities of the future unseen
Restore God hope Restore joy 
Show Them-Your love a love that does not despoil
A love that shelters a love that holds
A love that can break all enemy strongholds
Oh God of Justice-Every day for those little ones who internally die
Oh God of justice—Hear my cry


Added: 08.02.2011