Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Beatin’ the booze

by Darren Beaney

A snarl from a bottle of gin
beer cans give me an evil grin.
Wine when corked only sneered
a cream liqueur that whistled and jeered.
Home brew made with too much haste
benevolent, with an odious after taste.
12 year scotch, vintage malt
festers like an open wound splashed with salt.
A big mouthed Guinness screams and shouts
not the behaviour you expect from stouts.
Exported lager makes me live in fear
of the threat of violence from bottled beer.
The vodka bottle won’t last long
Half empty? Half full? But still as strong.
And with my Southern Comfort I’m in trouble
flattened by the strength of a double.
Drink keeps up the relentless attack
led by Capt. Morgan’s rum ‘n’ black.
Booze that insults, there’s no excuse
I must escape this alcohol abuse.

Added: 15.02.2011