Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Forgotten Journey

by Lara Haworth

Swaddled in a sea of warmth,
Tranquillity at its best!
Suddenly a painful jolt,
Disturbs my peaceful rest
My place of sleep begins to change,
The home I’ve come to know,
Suddenly compressed and loud,
Encouraging me to go
Making my way into the dark,
A passage strange and new,
Drawn towards a soothing sound,
And a distant light in view.
The symphony grows louder,
Familiar tones of home
What new world awaits me?
And will I be alone?
I break free from the darkness,
Engulfed by all the light,
Tired from the journey,
I cry with all my might.  
I'm wrapped up in a blanket,
Passed toward a smiling face,
Held so close and tightly,
In a comforting embrace.
My first challenge is a victory,
Escaping from the gloom,
Now warm in the arms of my mother
On a bed in the delivery room!

Added: 21.02.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


I like the way that even though I should have guessed what your poem was about earlier it was only in the last verse that I realized!