Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

What Matters

by David Swan

What matters are stars born from emptiness,
and crumpled quilts on children’s unmade beds.

What matters most is my mother,  cancer
ridden, and that phone call to say I care.

What matters is that you really know me,
and as human beings all share my fate.

Matter, matters, to the mad scientists,
but it doesn’t matter to faithful priests.

What matters to them are affairs of the
Heart, what matters to them both is truth.

What matters to me is an open mind,
and chewing all things on an open path.

What matters can be the question of death,
buried beneath a system of belief.

What matters in heaven, matters in hell
and if neither exists, and god is dead.

What matters most are these fragile winter
sticks, that can snap, and break, in a heartbeat

Added: 22.02.2011