Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

A brief moment in time

by Thomas Frost

We took a moment, you and I,
Put time aside to ask us why
We'd take the time at all to think,
To lay our thoughts upon a brink,
A tipping point, these thoughts would be,
If right and wrong knew songs of thee.
Our moments come and go, it seems,
A brief prelude to misery,
Alone once more we find ourselves
And think of moments long ago.
Wherefore when my moments bring
Those tiny seconds of eternity,
I spread my joy in every one;
Each breath, each harmless laugh, each song.

And could you see this place called home
As Plato's dark and wet abode?
(The fishbowl lens in which we see
The world, and all its entities.)
The maddening truth which you ignore
And I pretend is there for all —
Our moment takes them both in stride
And you and I as well.
With fogginess blown into glass,
The airy smoke clears up at last
And you and I walk hand-in-hand,
Our moment close behind us.
It's sweet and ripe, this fruit of ours,
Unmoved the minute takes us far
But cannot last a day or more as
Any man could say for sure:
      "Light takes life to stay afloat,
       while darkness simply is."

So come, and we will hide ourselves
In stacks of words and homely sounds.
Let other thoughts beguile us so,
Lest ours take over and drag us down.

(And we will be happy.)

So come, my dear, and we will run!
These moments down before the sun
Burns dim and faint and sick with life,
And we are all that's left behind.

Added: 24.02.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


I love the flow and pause rhythm of this poem; I'd be interested to read more like it, but without the rhyme.