Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Judith Iliff

In through the slit in the window
creep the sounds of murder
whispered on the night’s breath - Death.
Lined up for my inspection,
gathered together in the morning dew,
a freshly slaughtered corpse collection
two mice, one rat, one shrew -
a rabbit and his entrails side by side
together with a mob of feasting flies.
Here a pigeon and a wren, unlikely pair
on a bed of shredded feathers lie together,
flightless now with fixed macabre stare.
Legacy of a cruel night of slaughter,
tortured and tossed til they met their end.
Oh shame on you my feline friend
Then in through the crack in the doorway
you pad with your pussy-cat ways.
The killing spree is history,
your genial face you turn to me
disarming me with your fur, you purr -
you two-faced executioner

Added: 26.02.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


Good concept, goes to my "top 4"...and finally to the very top. In particular: "freshly slaughtered corpse collection" - nice phrase!


Perhaps 'fun' is not the right word for this - but it entertained!