Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

my dark place with death

by Terry Devaney

I see the world different from you
From just a lonly point of view
we live in a world without a face
millions of souls without a place
i guess we lost it all along the way
but this is where we have to stay
free from the pain that you put me through
free from the pain of me and you

we sarted a game we couldnt win
we started a game full of sin
we started something yea it felt right
and after all this i see no  light
so ill look to the sky and ask myself why
while other people just stand and cry

so alone ill sit in my dark place
thinking of you without a face
i feel lost inside with fright
he came in dark of the night

seeking all the lost souls
but never standing in the night
he had a icy hold
cold and unforgiving
his hands ripped away at my soul
slient echoes with ill intent
death has got a hold

Added: 27.02.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


very nice,but a lack of puntuation. 'we started something yea it felt right' i think you should have put 'something,it felt'. typo *an icy