Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Fiona Lyons

Within these walls a silence
Like loud earth shattering noise
My life a blob of ink
From a pen I hold with poise
The darkness creeps upon me
Awakening my fears
The ink now runs too freely
And mixes with my tears
A vision of an angel
Appears before my eyes
Or maybe it is a devil
Masked by a disguise
I watch it glide so lightly
Across the barren floor
I wonder why I’m not afraid
As it leads me through the door

We float up in the moonlight
Through the nightime air
Across a sea and mountain
And over a desert bare
The silence and the lonliness
Shivers in my bones
Other than this ghostly figure
I am now alone
The world is passing quickly now
As the angel glides away
Confused and frightened I close my eyes
And then begin to pray
Suddenly I am safe at home
In my dark and silent room
It is now that I discover
It is my temple not my tomb

Added: 28.02.2011