Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

If Lakes Could Utter Human Speech

by Allyson Randall

Lakes know secrets of the night.
As people dip their hands and feet
Into the depths by moonlight.

Lakes will listen while stars watch,
A woman who opens her heart
To a man that may not match.

Lakes hear the hope and worry.
The man does too; and as she speaks,
She hides her vision blurry.

Lakes cannot feel a pained heart;
A heart filled with dread of Future,
And knows that soon they will part.

Lakes listen to their retreat
As they walk away from the dock.
To the road they take their feet.

Lakes see not what the roads see.
The man who tells the woman, “Stop,”
Then wraps her in his arms tight.

Lakes know everything secret.
What they do not hear, see, or feel
The winds tell without regret.

Added: 04.03.2011