Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Childish Dreams

by Sinem Alagoz

A little girl I was, when I first pictured your face,
My young mind filled those dreams to the brim with your grace,
I had built you up, accompanied with your castle,
You were to save me from despair, my guardian angel,
Little did I know that they were only childish dreams,
You never existed, my hopes ripped at the seams,
Why did they lie to me? Such malicious intentions,
To entertain an innocent child was ignorantly reckless,
Now they try desperately to sooth me, but I am broken,
Never again will I believe those unfaithful words spoken,
You were never real, but why do I weep for you so?
Why does this hurt so much, this hollow ache won’t go,
I grieve air, for you were never there,
Substance stolen from those fairy tales,
Damned to feign happiness and fake ardency,
My childish dreams shall forever be.

Added: 14.03.2011