Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Just Desserts

by Niamh Brown

A pinch of derision is worth an inch
Of scorn when serving revenge ice cold –
It adds that juicy, citrus kick, and neutralises
Excess vitriol.  Whisk the bile well, or else
The recipient, put off by the smell, will never
Take the first bite.  Gradually add humiliation
To taste, and fold in the rage with care.
Remember that even a drop of guilt or regret
Can stop the dish from setting properly,
so make sure all utensils are properly cleaned. 
Leave to rest until mixture is unyielding, then chill
For several years.  Season well with
Self-righteous indignation, and serve
Before you change your mind.

Added: 15.03.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


Sharp and witty.. I think a lot of the capital letters at the start of lines could be lower case to aid the flow.


I dig the internal rhymes and the "chill for several years" line.


we have to pause, often, before judging another or...


Heavy with emotion


So true, very amusing and clever!