Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Mischief on the Move

by Gillian Goodacre

Oh just remember when
Such a short time ago
You were such a tiny man
In a super tummy sack
What a floppy wee soul
In a baggy baby grow
Just a sweet little thing
With a very cheeky grin
Oh how it didn’t take long
For your legs to be long
For your wriggles to make you giggle
Which in turn made you jiggle
Then it really wasn’t long
Before the mischief all begun
When you started on the move
Crawling like a super dude
Oh what a mess you would create
With the toys that could inflate
And the places you would go
Eating crumbs along the way
Oh the mischief you have caused
And the things you’ve said
In such a short space of time
It really can be said…
You’re a super little spud
Not just my cheeky number one
But my little Rogie Pogie
Who cannot prove me wrong!
Oh there’s something to be said
For the way you make us feel
And the words just can’t describe
Just how much you really mean!

Added: 15.03.2011