Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Swati Chawla

My lord, my lord
I want to fall in love again
Upon the nibbling sound of sand,
I want to hear him again…

Afeard with the touch of his,
On my barest bosom 
Derelict for life 
With every sound slithering 
Of him in me…

O! lord, my lord 
Disburden the leaves again..
Shroud light
for twilight
Where aglows his pate russet,
And his face,
And his lips rotund, appear rounder..

Let him kiss me endless
Under the crepuscular sky;
Let him effectuate, the morality
Of my hands

Lend me breathlessness
Till dies his mouth..
Let it be fall 
till he be and I be..

Added: 16.03.2011

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