Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Erica Blaney

I was the dreamer, woken before the dream was done.
I was the promise, broken. A sentence begun
But never given an ending. A letter, unsigned;
The reply always pending. A daffodil, grown blind.
I was just a statistic that fell through a net -
The next item on the list: acknowledged need; unmet.
I was the 'H' that dropped when there was no time to sigh.
I was a bubble, popped. A question mark: 'Why?'
I was the uncounted cost, the campaign unplanned.
I was a single sock, lost. A flame, unfanned,
And the smoke (without a fire). An upside-down smile.
I was the song without a choir. In the offering pile
Mine was the empty purse. A cellar without salt.
In sickness; poverty; and worse: I was the fault.

Added: 17.03.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


This is a tightly written poem which uses form well. There are some cliches, however.


This struck me as a list of quite nice images (especially the odd sock) but a bit of a ramble too preoccupied with its rhymes