Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Gaddafi Time

by Sharon Spurgeon

Jealous Leo will kill him by pen of UN
Oil slick, smell, the tar will burn
The meat offering charge first the son
The nation will rule and the spoilers will run
Cast forth to the people the hand of a brother
The habitat is dung speaks hammer of gall
Judah with pestilence hem and own hid
Remembrance of Babylon further to rid
Drink spirit of the bitter defiled
Water the jealous rag unclean comes
Offer of sacrifice to be done by the eel
Four candlesticks the blood to reveal
Anointed children of Rueben your dens will burn
The children, the princes for shekels of silver
The sacrifice of the King for shekels of gold
Spoken the UN blinded alter of old
Seven went over, again lacking a priest
No vote for November, woe to the unclean
Offer son of Gideon, burn to tell
Death of a Nazarite King, the heart of Ruth fell
Write to bitter waters, the jealous rag is in sin
The enemies vengeance thin did not run
Congregation of GOD to consider the fate
All casts the sands of cedar to drive away

Added: 21.03.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


terribly sorry, i dnt understnd @ all,ru tryin2 say the UN wouldnt hav intervened if Gaddafi was christian?if so i disagree,well written tho


very intriguing