Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Solomn World

by Sari Beastall

It is a solemn world that has grown from the scars
Of a land once carefree and proud,
And the morning sky never shy before
Dresses in the thick grey of the cloud.
The trees that stood guard around copse and glade
Have been hewn back until each stands alone,
And the seeds that they shed in the hope of regrowth
Fall to die upon waterless stone.
Like a lash, roads cut into the hillside-
Over meadows where flowers bloomed wild-
And, both river and lake choke on garbage
As the cities spread mile by mile.
With each thrust of the tool, mankind’s trespass
Kicks up dirt into Mother Earth’s eyes,
But still the rain tries to wash clean the tainted:
Those burning tears, her last grief at her strife.

Added: 22.03.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


I agree with the sentiment (I feel the same thing about nature or Nature). I like the focus on the image, without the 'I' intervention


Strong poem on a serious theme. "like a lash" a very evocative image Suggest "kicks dirt" not "kicks up dirt"