Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Timeless Tides

by Sari Beastall

It was the ocean that wrote the first mystery,
Ever deeper than the hearts of you and I.
The ageless tides have claimed and held the youth of many,
Yet share the salted tears as families cry.

Sail as you will;
Swim down far into the blue;
Learn the secrets that you never thought of seeking:
But the tides will always turn
And you'll never know the whole of what they hide.

In calm waters, dolphins leap with pure abandon;
Beneath the stormclouds, mighty ships are lost for good:
The songs of seagulls both uplift, and serve as warning;
Their wisdom drowned out underneath the ebbing flood.

The birth of passion can but surface from adventure,
And a wanderer must court the seas or fail.
Every journey is a memory in the making-
So each mariner lives on in coastal tale.

Added: 23.03.2011