Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Kirsty Harding

It hurts, I know it hurts.
I hold you but I'm numb,
I don't feel my own pain, I have to carry yours,
carry your pain away and destroy it.

I want to throw it into a bottomless pit.

Your strength is beginning to fade,
as the red Serpent winds itself around your body.
Sad stories fill the empty, broken hearts around us,
we watch the world outside the window with envy,
a parallel universe where we once lived.

There's no comfort in asking why,
nothing to gain by memorising statistics.
I question my faith, it's all so unfair,
a life in the fate of a roulette table.

Just a child at face value,
but inside a decade of innocence has passed you by,
a childhood stolen, a victim to the statistics.

I'd trade places if I could little sister,
but I couldn't ever be as strong as you,
you're the definition of courage,
my broken, selfish heart you've filled with admiration.

The roulette wheel spins round and round,
we wait with bated breath, hearts frozen.
Please God I'll question no more,
if luck be this little lady tonight.

Added: 24.03.2011