Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

My Faults

by Neil Goodacre

What is it about me
That repulses you so?
Please, I’m your wife,
It is right that I know.
There used to be passion,
Fire, a spark
But now you’ve gone cold,
I’m alone in the dark.
I’m rough round the edges
And older, it’s true.
Tell me, do you think
I’m not worthy of you?
Perhaps you still love me,
It’s hard to be sure.
I’ve given you everything,
But you want more!
Something has changed
But I can’t work out what.
This is all that I am,
This is all that I’ve got.
But it just isn’t good enough,
That much seems true,
And it kills me because
Of how much I love you!

Added: 25.03.2011