Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

A Life in Bed

by Chrissy Banks

for being born in
getting warm in
seeing in the dawn in
for making your own soft porn in
for breakfasting on tea and toast in
reading the papers and post in
dreaming of the one you love the most in
for spotting poltergeists and ghosts in
for fumbling in
or grumbling in
for tumbling in
after a long hard night
when you come stumbling in
for snoring in
jaw-jawing in
for late-night warring in
for turning over and
sleeping  more in
for watching tele in
reciting Shelley in
practising holding your belly in in
eating ice cream and jelly in
for reading children stories in
healing cuts and gories in
nursing your worries in
for taking a nap in
stilling the whirring wings of your flap in
for lunching on your lap in
for talking crap in
for planning the future in
deciding to change the rut you’re in in
for having a well-earned rest in
inviting the occasional guest in
revealing the charms of your chest in
for giving the baby bottle or breast in
for luxuriously lying in
for a quickie when you’re flying in
for some hot deal you’re buying in
for sniffing and crying in
wondering why in
for dying in.

Added: 25.03.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


Very jolly, made me smile.


bringing mundane to life was really interesting and kept me reading on. Enjoyed the meter.


A charming poem, though it gets tiring after a while.


Clever, well written


Very clever enjoyed very much!


the rhyming works really well for this piece. it gives it a nice flow and rhythm, particularly when reading this piece out loud.