Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Geographical Horror

by Michele Walker

I did my best in class
But it wasn’t good enough
I was the “scrubber lass”
It was oh so tough
As I lay on the floor
The pills were doing their job
But I should have taken more
Because I was not a snob
I just think she is sleeping
Said Mary from first aid
And look she’s been weeping
Her voice began to fade
I always had liked Geography
but business she ORDERED me to do
so this is my mini biography
And that’s when her fustrations grew
“Girls remember! that poorer people
Will never do as well as richer people”
Echoed through my head
So why should I bother? I’d be better off just dead.
The other girls walked past and stared
Others laughed as they went by
The floor was cold against my head
But I was too numb to cry
Nobody wanted to be my friend
And nobody really cared
This was supposed to be my end
My life was so impared.
Growing up in a poor part
Of town made me an easy aim
Gave me a black mark from the start
That teacher I’ll name and shame!
I lived to tell the tale, you see
But my pain is still there
I wrote this for people like me
And for teachers to beware
Words can hurt and be cruel
Whether they’re a fact or not
But they’re the wood, the coal, the fuel
That can cause a child’s life to rot

Added: 28.03.2011